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Streaming On-Demand from 7 - 14 November 

Dir. Maël Le-Hurand and Vincent Nguyễn aka Francis Cutter, 2021, France, 62 min

A compelling portrait of French-Vietnamese hip-hop and electro producer Nodey, who draws on his cultural roots to fuel his musical aspirations and reinvent his creative journey. We join him in the midst of an identity crisis, as he decides to leave his lifelong home in France to explore one of his obsessions, the Asian continent. As he moves between Paris, Shanghai and Saigon, his nomadic lifestyle inspires his first solo album, ":-)".

The film highlights several intertwined stories: the sound engineer who frees himself from the constraints of impostor syndrome to assert himself as an artist in his own right, the son of immigrants who reconnects with the land of his ancestors, and the increasing creative confidence of a continent looking to position itself at the top of the global pop scene.

Event supported by the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery.