SCREENING (UK PREMIERE + Q&A): 25 April 2020 at 15:30

LONDON - RIO CINEMA ***Cancelled***

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Dir. Dan Vernon, 2019, UK, 77 mins

UK PREMIERE + Director Q&A

Released in 1974, Changin’ Times was an extraordinary album recorded under extraordinary circumstances—the first-ever commercial album recorded inside an American prison. The artist was Ike White, a music prodigy, locked up inside from the age of 19, serving life for murder. Using never-before-seen archive footage, this film charts Ike’s journey from prison to industry adulation to life as a free man, and a subsequent reinvention of himself as a performer for hire called David Maestro.

On the cusp of stardom Ike slipped out of the limelight and into suburban anonymity. Thirty years later, director Dan Vernon and producer Vivienne Perry track him down, only to find a trail of wives, lives and false identities that leave as many questions as answers.

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