Storm Heaven traces the extraordinary odyssey of three Swansea youngsters who forged a resounding rock band, Trampolene, surging from local stages to London's vibrant music scene. The film encapsulates the profound camaraderie between the band members, united by an unwavering bond and shared devotion to their artistry. The documentary elegantly unfurls their ascent within London's music sphere, drawing the attention of cross-generational icons like Pete Doherty and John Cooper Clarke, and propelling Trampolene towards an ascending trajectory. Traversing from local gigs to international acclaim, the film unflinchingly captures their journey's crescendos, punctuated by the lead singer's courageous battle with Crohn's disease. Amidst the whirlwind of touring, the documentary paints an authentic portrait of life on the road, blending humour, exhilaration, and introspection. Storm Heaven is a testament to the unbreakable bonds of friendship, unadulterated passion for music, and the sheer tenacity of artistic spirits. Through their music, struggles, and exhilarating performances, Trampolene's story emerges as an inspiring anthem to transcendence and rocking the world.

Dir. Lee Thomas | UK | 2023 | 60 mins