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Dir. Luca Previtali, Pasco Pezzillo, Italy, 2020, 51 min

This film is a narrative account of the unique concert event which took place on June 15, 2018 in London.
JoyCut - a totally independent Italian band - were invited by Robert Smith to take part in his curated Meltdown programme. A joyfully diverse and memorable selection, which broke all Meltdown sales records and was shortlisted for the Music Week Awards for best festival in the world. Featuring exclusive excerpts from JoyCut's performance, supported by visual art additions and monographic narrative interventions, it spotlights those behind the scenes: Scott Cohen, Bengi Unsal, Francois Missonnier, among others. It’s an intricate collage of anecdotes, stories and food for thought about the band’s discography and the current state of music. An intense and astral gradation of blue abyss reigns over everything, in continuous alternation with a gray filigree film, bringing us "Ad un passo dalla Luna”: One step closer to the Moon!