SCREENING (directors and band Q&A): 03 November 2022 at 20:00

London - Hackney Picturehouse



Dir. Dave Hills & Glenn Barden

England 2005: Five friends form a band and dream of being rock stars. When the Towers of London land themselves a multimillion-dollar record deal it looks like all their dreams have come true.

This is the story of how they spectacularly and hilariously f**ked it up.
This is the real Spinal Tap.

This astonishing access-all-arguments film offers a ring-side seat to witness the rise, fall, and spectacular implosion of an underground punk-rock band. At its heart, it’s a film about friendship, fallings out, and redemption. Our audience will be shocked, amazed, amused, and appalled in equal measure at the jaw-dropping antics of wannabe rock gods ‘The Towers of London’.Their attitude and inflated self-belief are so utterly preposterous that initially many of our audience will mistake band members for gifted comedy actors performing a punk version of Spinal Tap. But, as the story progresses the film becomes a viscerally real, slow-motion car crash that evidently could not be made up. It’s a no-holds-barred, jaw-dropping reality rock fable. The classic tensions that arise between rock band members are laid bare-magnified heavy by drinking and drugs, partying and out-of-control ‘rock star’ behavior that oscillates between hilarious and shocking. At the same time, we view a world that, although only 12 years ago, is very hard to believe for millennials today; an era when twenty-something record company executives could throw two million pounds at a barely-formed garage band, in the hope that they might make it big; and then stand back and shrug while the band drink and drug themselves into oblivion, start fights in the street, attack their own fans, insult radio station DJs, and even arrive at court in outlandish costumes to face serious assault charges. And that is just the first act

Event supported by the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery.