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Rahsaan Roland Kirk was a one of a kind musician, personality, satirist and windmill-slayer who despite being blind, becoming paralyzed, and facing America’s racial injustices – did not relent.

His life’s work was exploring sound and making music. Beyond that, he was an outspoken activist who started a political movement to get more exposure for Jazz in America – particularly on TV.

Dreams were important to Rahsaan. They planted the seed in his mind to play three horns simultaneously. His name came from dreams. When asked about his religious beliefs, he would say: “I’m from the Religion of Dreams”.
At the age of 40, Rahsaan suffered a stroke which left him half paralyzed. Despite this, he continued to tour and play music, with the use of only one hand, literally until the day he died.

"Highly emotive, virtuosic, soul stirring, innovative and unlike anything else." - Huffington Post

"It’s all there, and much more... in Adam Kahan’s loving and beautifully made film." - Uncut Magazine