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In New Hampshire, a legend is buried. GG Allin, the most outrageous singer in rock’n roll history.
He was known for defecating on stage, fighting and having sex with the audience. He died a mythological death in 1993, aged 37.

Directed by the award-winning director Sami Saif, THE ALLINS is a loving and entertaining look at the family of the departed rock singer. Twenty years on from his all too premature passing in 1993, we meet GG’s mother Arleta and brother Merle, each of whom in their own personal way has tried to come to terms with GG’s death. Arleta tackles her grief by having her son’s gravestone removed from the cemetery in New Hampshire. She is tired of watching his fans pay tribute to GG by vandalising his grave. That is not the son she wants to remember. She wants to remember GG, the man – a loving son and brother. Brother Merle, on the other hand, keeps himself and the myth about the world’s most destructive rock’n roll musician going by selling merchandise and by breathing life into their old joint band, Murder Junkies. As the family story unfolds – from an impoverished childhood ruled by a tyrannical, brutal father to an adult life marked by a complete lack of boundaries, which in GG’s case ended in drugs, violence and prison – Arleta and Merle try to find themselves and their common past.