★★★★ The Guardian
★★★★ NME
8/10 UNCUT

FREAKSCENE is a homage to one of the most influential bands on the American East Coast, which inspired the rock scene, including Nirvana and Sonic Youth, in the 1990s. Their style and unmistakable sound, later referred to as "Grunge", laid the foundation for the entire "Slacker" culture of Generation X. It is also the story of the eloquent and eccentric guitarist and bandleader J. Mascis, the bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph, and a band that insanely does not talk to each other. Communication takes place exclusively through music, although filmmaker Philipp Reichenheim nevertheless manages to make the closed and shy icons speak. An emotional, tragically funny and sometimes noisy rollercoaster ride by a dysfunctional family, Dinosaur Jr.

“This dynamic documentary beautifully balances the giddiness of a fan and the warmth of a close friend. What makes Freakscene so engaging is its decision to put Dinosaur Jr’s music front and centre” ★★★★ The Guardian

“For diehard fans, Freakscene is a new look at a much-loved story and for newcomers, it’s the perfect introduction to the foundations of an iconic band” ★★★★ NME