Dir. Charlie Targett-Adams, UK, 2016, 67 min

Hull Premiere followed by director Q&A

As the band Placebo approached their 20th anniversary they were given a unique opportunity to play ten cities throughout Russia. In a time when Russia was at the forefront of the world’s current affairs, little was actually reported outside the country about its internal culture.

Fronted by Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal, the film explores the alternative cultures in Russia’s major cities. As the tour travelled through the country the band went out and met artists, architects, animators and musicians, finding out about alternative creative scenes and celebrating all they have to offer.

From Krasnoyarsk in Siberia to St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea, Placebo: Alt.Russia takes you on the band’s journey, meeting great characters on the way, investigating the alternative culture in Russia, and taking in the raw emotions of Placebo’s powerful concerts.